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Community Paediatrics

Community paediatricians are child health doctors who have been trained in hospital and in the community. They can help with medical assessments of children with delayed or unusual patterns of early development, assessment and advice for health problems affecting education and school progress, care packages for disabled children and interagency meetings.

Each school has an allocated Community Paediatrician from our team. We will work with all children from birth to school leaving age. We aim to work closely with parents and carers at all times and value feedback on our services.

Community Paediatricians have experience of working with families and as part of a team to assess children and coordinate services for those with chronic illnesses, disabilities, learning difficulties and other special needs, including assessment for ADHD and Autism.

Access to our Community paediatricians can be made through referrals from nursery or school staff, health visitors, social workers, therapists and GPs. The team are more than happy to discuss referrals with parents. However, they will need a letter from the GP, school staff or other professional in order to secure an appointment.The main switchboard is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm.


Contact us

Marie Grkinic Integrated Team Leader
Isebrook Hospital
1st Floor Clarendon House
8-12 Station Road
NN15 6EY
Tel: 01536 313850

Last updated: 30 June 2014

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Specialist diabetes service contact us

Community Diabetes Centre
Kettering General Hospital
Rothwell Rd
NN16 8UZ

Phone 01536 492120

9am–5pm weekdays
(We may notify you of changes to times at certain periods.)



Referrals for a new diagnosis or for new residents come from your GP and should be sent to the above address or email. Once you or your child have attended an appointment with us, you may request appointments and advice directly. We also operate an on-call service for emergencies, new diagnoses and changes to treatment.

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