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Dementia Care

The term 'dementia' is used to describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific diseases and conditions. There are more than 100 different types of dementia. These include Alzheimer's disease and sometimes as a result of a stroke.

Dementia is progressive, which means the symptoms will gradually get worse. How fast dementia progresses will depend on the individual. Each person is unique and will experience dementia in their own way.
Symptoms of dementia include: 
  • Loss of memory − for example, forgetting the way home from the shops, or being unable to remember names and places, or what happened earlier the same day.
  • Mood changes − particularly as parts of the brain that control emotion are affected by disease. People with dementia may also feel sad, frightened or angry about what is happening to them.
  • Communication problems − a decline in the ability to talk, read and write.
There are currently 750,000 people in the UK with dementia. In the next 30 years, the number of people with dementia in the UK is set to double to 1.4 million, with the costs trebling to more than £50 billion a year.

Dementia services

In order to support patients, carers and other people affected by dementia we offer the following services and support:
  • Memory assessment
  • Long Term Team - Older Adults
  • Younger people's support
  • Liaison
  • Inpatients
  • Dementia Care advisors

Working in partnership

NCC Logo

The services of Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust are delivered alongside those of Northampton County Council (NCC).  The above link will take you to the Dementia pages of the NCC web site where you can find a comprehensive range of information on:
  • Supporting people with dementia
  • Help when leaving hospital
  • Home care / rehabilitation
  • Becoming a home carer
  • Equipment and adaptions
  • Meals on wheels
  • Telecare
  • Care and repair agencies
  • Residential care homes for older people
  • Specialist care centres for older people


Contact Us

We have a countywide service, for all the contact numbers, visit our  Dementia Support page.

Last updated: 30 June 2014

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Useful Links - Dementia

Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer's Society is a membership organisation, which works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Department of Health - Dementia Challenge

This website follows the Dementia Challenge. The dementia challenge is an ambitious programme of work designed to make a real difference to the lives of people with dementia and their families and carers, building on progress made through the National Dementia Strategy.

Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health A-Z offering information on problems, issues and treatment options.


Mind helps people take control of their mental health.  They do this by providing high-quality information and advice, and campaigning to promote and protect good mental health for everyone.

NHS Choices - Understanding Dementia

Useful information on Dementia including symptoms, living with dementia and support.

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